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The wood

Wood is a living material. This means that it is different from one place to the next, has a fundamental character, and one has to look at it, feel it and treat it according to its personality, with sensitivity and intelligence.


The finish

... to which we pay particular attention, is what turns our instruments into valuable and unique ones of a kind. The lacquer is one of our big family secrets.


The sound

Being employed to fully equip an entire orchestra, no less than one of the royal military symphony orchestras of Thailand, with bowed instruments bears witness to a high quality standard.

a selection of our work

A real Semmlinger

An instrument from us:

In November 1980 the master violin maker Lothar Semmlinger founded his company at a place famous for musical instrument production in Baiersdorf in Franconia, Germany. The instruments from the Semmlinger master craftsman's workshop resemble those made by the master craftsmen of the past, both with regard to craftsmanship and to sound. Of course, we also build instruments for learners, because we value young musicians highly. We loan as a matter of course instruments to child musicians who are still growing.

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