Lothar Semmlinger


Our Violins and Violas in Detail

Nr. 122

  • Student instrument in well-balanced quality.

Nr. 123

  • instruments in well-balanced quality, instrument of good tonality.

Nr. 124

  • Soloist instruments, made of best selected sounding wood, fine hand-varnished.


  • Master instruments, made of best selected and well-seasoned sounding wood, very best quality and handwork, finest hand-varnishing.

Solo Oil Paint

  • Ready to play - bridge, tallpiece and strings from Dominant.
  • available sizes 1/4 - 4/4.

Our Cellos in detail

All instruments are made from massive-wood and if desired with oil varnish. We also create bespoke instruments according to the old masters:

  • Guarneri
  • Maggini
  • Montagnana
  • or others

Nr. 132

  • Maple back, sides and neck slightly flamed, spruce top ebony trimming, spirit varnish, reddish brown.

Nr. 133

  • Indifferent flamed, better spruce top, spirit varnish, gold brown, ready for play.

Nr. 134

  • Maple back, sides and neck beautifully flamed, good spruce top, best ebony trimming, very good workmanship and varnish, master instrument spirit varnish gold brown.

Nr. 135 

  • Best selected sounding wood, nicely flamed, worked out with utmost care, master instrument, spirit varnish.


  • Solo-Cello of very best quality and handcrafted top class master instrument, varnish as desired.

Our Double bass in detail


  • Arched back from maple, Tyrolean mechanics, set from ebony, balanced craft.

Double Bass Nr. 62

  • Bottom and frames slightly flamed, fingerboard from ebony, Tyrolean mechanics, lovingly crafted.


  • Solo Double bass, best material, hand crafted to perfection, Varnish by your wishes.