Lothar Semmlinger

Where you find the good violins.

The wood

Wood is a living material. This means that it is different from one place to the next, has a fundamental character, and one has to look at it, feel it and treat it according to its personality, with sensitivity and intelligence.

The finish

... to which we pay particular attention, is what turns our instruments into valuable and unique ones of a kind. The lacquer is one of our big family secrets.

The sound

Being employed to fully equip an entire orchestra, no less than one of the royal military symphony orchestras of Thailand, with bowed instruments bears witness to a high quality standard.


Violins / Violas

Our violins and violas are all made by master hand and delight with their high quality.



If you want to acquire high quality cellis you can rely on the violin making family Semmlinger.


Double bass

The experienced instrument makers manufacture high quality double basses.

Sonderanfertigung Streichinstrument

Bespoke isntruments

The instrument makers realize your ideas to make a individual instrument of high quality.

The violin makers from Baiersdorf

The work carried out by the violin making family Semmlinger is an art as well as a craft. A glance into the workshop is sufficient to realise this. Gouges, planes, files and woodcarving knives dominate the view on the workbenches where nowadays the sons Stefan and Christian also work. They are the heirs of a family tradition and will be passing on something that is much more than just a craft.

The result is top-notch craftsmanship valued by soloists everywhere. Even learners benefit from the unique beginners' instruments.